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Living near: Las Vegas, NV USA
Clarinet Expertise: Adult Amateur, Clarinet Quartets
E-Mail: Gary@vcisinc.com

I am an adult amateur clarinetist, living in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was a very active player through college playing in concert bands, orchestras, and a dance band. While I never entirely stopped playing after graduating from college in 1970, I resumed regular practicing in 1995. I play in a community college band and on several occasions have played with the professional Nevada Symphonic Wind Ensemble. In January 1997, I organized a clarinet quartet in which I play soprano and alto clarinets.

I have two children ages 11 and 14 taking clarinet lessons. I am happy to answer questions on basic equipment, how to find a teacher, and how to find a group to play in. I am also interested in exchanging information about clarinet quartet music and recordings. .

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