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Living near: Bloomington, Somewhere
Clarinet Expertise: Semi-professional Amateur
E-Mail: JCanada713@aol.com

I am currently principal clarinet in the Bloomington Community Band, as well as Librarian for the band, and play clarinet in a Dixieland Band that plays paid gigs about once a month--we're working getting on more gigs. I started out as a flute player in 1953, took up piccolo in 1958 and played both, as well as Latin Percussion and rhythem guitar in jazz bands through high school. I majored in fine arts in college and played guitar and banjo in Wisconsin Idea Theatre (a road troupe) for three years as well as nightclub work--comic folk music, singing and playing. I have played in the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra on violin and clarinet and in the Bedford Community Band off and on for several years, as well as the Howard's Bookstore Basement Ragtime Band (trio--fiddle, guitar or banjo and bass, sometimes with keyboard). I have also done busking with an accordian player on soprano sax and clarinet and recorder--mostly European folk music, German, Swiss, Polish etc.

I've been involved with at least two groups at a time for many years, and have played in opera pit orchestras, recorder consorts, flute trios, wind quintets etc at various times. I also have built and played violins, guitars and mandolins as well as a harpsichord (that one was from a kit--the others from scratch). I also make bamboo flutes and weird instruments.

I am a bookseller by day, with a store that has been in the family for 25 years. My formal music training may not include college or private lessons, but I have taught guitar at times and seem to get along all right in gigs. I'm glad to help any musician any way I can. I also do some arrangements for the band and for wind ensemble as well as a bit of composing of original songs and instrumental pieces. I guess I really could be called a semi-professional amateur without much training but with an awful lot of experience.

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