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Living near: near London, England
Clarinet Expertise: Chamber music repertoire, editions and recordings, (past and present).
E-Mail: michaelbryant@talktalk.net


Michael Bryant trained as a metallurgist but switched to broadcast engineering and worked for the BBC World Service for 30 years. He studied music at Morley College London and London University (1971-75).

An amateur clarinet player, he has taken an interest in the rediscovery of forgotten and unpublished works. His modest collection of chamber music includes many out-of-print editions and copies of unpublished manuscripts. Czech repertoire has been of special interest. He collects music reference books.

New editions of some of the works found have been published by such as Compusic in Amsterdam; Phylloscopus in Lancaster, England; Ian Harold (IMH) Editions in Gloucester, England; Tecchler Press, Columbus Ohio; and Rosewood Publications ( http://www.rosewoodpublications.co.uk). Rosewood is run as a partnership by Michael Bryant and Susanna Westmeath.

He has contributed occasional articles and reviews to specialist journals and magazines in Britain, and the United States and has been a member of the advisory board of the Cobbett Association, Illinois; USA, (Walter Willson Cobbett: was editor of the Cyclopedic Survey of Chamber Music, OUP, 1929) He prepared the chapter on the history of the recorded clarinet repertoire for the Cambridge Companion to the Clarinet (CUP 1995) and was a member of the team that launched the compact disc label Clarinet Classics in 1992. He has served successively as a committee member, secretary and vice president of the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of Great Britain.

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