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This page has a few different topics in it:

Musician's Health Links

Each one of these sites has links to additional sites; if you find one especially applicable to Clarinet performance please send a mail message to me at music@woodwind.org

Women in Music

The homepage of the International Alliance for Women in Music is at: http://www.iawm.org/


The British Clarinet Ensemble's website is located at http://www.britishclarinetensemble.co.uk.

Mailing Lists

Detailed listings here are from Sean. He has other mailing list names that he is willing to share.

Other mailing lists are from Music Educators Journal November 1994 pp 41-46 Harold E. Griswold, "Multiculturalism, Music, and Information Highways."

Listname: brass
Address to subscribe: brass-request@lists.fsu.edu
message to send (in message text): subscribe
Via web interface: http://lists.fsu.edu/mailman/listinfo/brass
List owner address: Ted Zateslo
List topic(s): brass instruments
Note: Also available as a daily digest.

Listname: choralist
Address to subscribe: listproc@lists.colorado.edu
Message to send: subscribe choralist Your Name
List owner address: James D. Feiszli
List co-manager: David B. Topping
List topic(s): Choralist is intended to be a communication mechanism for the exchange of information and ideas between practicing choral conductors. Choralist is open to anyone but is specifically oriented towards the choral conducting professional.

Listname: Contrabass
Address to subscribe: contrabass-list-request@contrabass.com
Message to send: subscribe (in subject line)
Archives/back issues at http://www.contrabass.com/contra-archive/c-arch2.html.

Listname: finale
Address to subscribe: listserv@shsu.edu
Message to send: subscribe finale
List owner address: Henry Howey
List topic(s): FINALE, a powerful and complicated music notation program for Macintosh and Windows platforms.
Note: Also for discussions of other CODA products and other notation programs.

Listname: flute
Address to subscribe: FLUTE-request@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU
Message to send: sub flute <your name>
List owner addresses:
Larry Krantz
Nelson Pardee
Helen Spielman
List topic(s): flutes, piccolos

Listname: horn
Address to subscribe: (contact G. Greene at address below)
List owner address: Gary A. Greene
List topic(s): French Horns - International Horn Society List
Note: An automated listserv subscription procedure is expected later this year.

Address to subscribe: listproc@hubcap.clemson.edu
Message to send: subscribe ORCHESTRALIST Your Name
List owner address: Dr. Andrew Levin
List topic(s): a mailing list for orchestral conductors and those in the orchestra business.

Listname: PIPORG-L
Address to subscribe: PIPORG-L@ABANY.EDU
Message to send:
List owner address:
List topic(s): Organ

Address to subscribe: EARLYM-L@AEARN.BITNET
Message to send:
List owner address:
List topic(s): Recorders

Listname: Saxophone
Address to subscribe:
Message to send:
List owner address:
List topic(s):
Contact James E. Laughlinfor more information.

Address to subscribe: listproc@showme.missouri.edu
Message to send: subscribe trombone-l your name
List owner address: Eric W. Nicklas
List topic(s): trombones, baritones

Listname: trumpet
Address to subscribe: listserv@acad1.dana.edu
Message to send: subscribe trumpet
List owner address: Michael Anderson
Suggestions/questions: trumpet-b@acad1.dana.edu
List topic(s): trumpet

Listname: tuba euph
Address to subscribe: listserv@cmsuvmb.cmsu.edu
Message to send: subscribe tubaeuph Your Name
List owner address: Charles McAdams
List topic(s): tubas, euphoniums, baritones

Listname: jazz-l
Address to subscribe: JAZZ-L@TEMPLEVM.BITNET

Web Pages

Two starting points on the Web for music are:

Jeff Harrington has made midi files and scores in postscript format available for several of his compositions, including a clarinet and piano duet, Tchoupitoulas Byrd Song.

Rick Sowash has made several of his compositions for clarinet available online.

The clarinetists at James Madison University have started a wonderful Web page with links to Clarinet Studios If you are running or are a member of a clarinet studio why not drop them a line and have your studio added?

The Musicians Gallery features biographies of contemporary musicians.

Midi and downloadable PDF scores of public domain classical music is available at http://www.music-scores.com/.

Here are some web pages about/from clarinet players:

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